Mens industrial retro futuristic Steampunk briefcase From Hi Tel London Alexander vintage 80s collection True piece of art and conversation starter
Material bag material high quality leather Briefcase has 3 compartments and a zippered compartment
Solid cast aluminium handle and mini lock and chains
Stainless steel logo
Width of briefcase is 43 cm or 16 and 6/6 inches
Height of briefcase without the handle is 27.5 cm or almost 11 inches
Depth is 6 cm bottom can expand to 10 cm

Due to age minor imperfection is expected on the leather.

If you wish to find out more about the history of this bag then click on who is alexander To watch a video clip on the telephone handbag as hosted on London BBC clothes show or the program on how the bags were sold by fuji TV please click on Hi Tek videos