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Are you looking for Round Sunglasses? Not almost round or round ish but simple clean cut round sunglasses?
You have landed on the right page.
Here, we will show guide you to find the best round sunglasses to suit your face.

Round sunglasses are the most basic shape in sunglasses or eye glasses or spectacles.
They have been coming in and out of fashion for years.

Now Round Sunglasses are here to stay.

Ever since the 60’s 70’s John Lennon made his mark on the medium to small round eyeglasses in metal frame, then there was Ozzy Osbourne who made it his style to wear a slightly smaller more Goth style metal round frames.

For some years, round sunglasses were considered out of fashion, and were mainly in demand by the more conservative and classic type of men who wanted them mainly for prescription or ophthalmic frames, until Lady Gaga immortalized round sunglasses, now round sunglasses have become a fashion statement.

classic John Lennon style

round sunglasses

Simple round medium sized, metal frame glasses, known as John Lennon type sunglasses.
These are high quality stainless steel frames, have a slightly arched bridge, polarized lenses.
Can be converted into prescription frames.
These frames come in gold and silver, with a choice of different color lenses.
Retail price is 90€ for purchase click here

Smaller round sunglasses

small round sunglasses

Small, tight fit round frames.
Suitable for small faces.

Nickel silver frames, come in gold or silver frame, in an assorted color of lenses.

Retail price is 50€ for purchase click here

Unusual Bridge

round sunglasses

Round, medium sized, metal John Lennon type sunglasses except for the unusual bridge which is a triangle.
These are nickel silver, vintage frames, and have flat lenses, as opposed to convex or curved lenses that most sunglasses have.

Retail price is 60€ for purchase click here

Gothic Dracula style

round Steampunk sunglasses

Round sunglasses with very small lenses and extra long bridge.
Retro Victorian style sunglasses.
Suit most faces and is the perfect accessory to complement your Steampunk persona outfit.
Stainless steel frames, come in gold and silver with a choice of lens colors.
Retail price is 99€ for purchase click here

Flat lens

Unusual round unisex sunglasses.
Has flat lenses as opposed to most sunglasses that have curved convex lenses.
The temples start in metal spring and continue with plastic coating.
Comes in silver and gold frames.
Retail price is 80€ for purchase click here

vintage collectable

round sunglasses
round sunglasses-HT-008

Limited Edition, vintage round sunglasses, combination of plastic and metal frame.
Has a somewhat narrow Goth fit, suitable for small to medium face.
These glasses are show cased in the Schiffer Book for Collectors Specs Appeal at the estimated price $225 – $250

Retail price on hitek-webstore is 150€ for purchase click here